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Ground Coffee

Roasting One Batch At A Time


Our coffees are dark roasted coffees and may differ in color during the roasting process. Some are darker bolder flavor that have a mesquite/smokey flavor. We recommend that you do not freeze our coffees. Our coffees are gourmet artisan coffees that is roasted over fire. Our coffees are made to order which means we don't preroast our coffees and leave them on the shelf. 

1 oz Ground Coffee Sample Packs


If you have not tried our coffees before, we recommend you purchase our sample packs before you buy our 1 LB and 5 LB ground coffees. 

1 LB Ground Coffee Limited Gold Package


This is out limited edition 1 LB gold package of our ground coffees. Our coffees varies in color and sometimes much darker than other roasts. If you have not tried our coffees before, please purchase our sample packs.